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Search Engine Optimization

Brandon Hopkins founded DiamondLinks when his clients began asking for more information. That was over 5 years ago. Hopkins has over 12 years of SEO experience and 9 years of reputation management experience.


Reputation Management

DiamondLinks provides better than the gold standard. DiamondLinks is for those that want their results like diamonds: beautiful, long lasting, and real. That’s what you get when you choose to work with us and we are happy to be a part of your success.


White Label SEO and ORM

We work behind the scenes, in a white label capacity, with many companies to help them achieve results. Whether you have one client looking for some help, or you’re packaging our services to a larger audience, we can help you meet the expectations of your clients.


Buy Premium Content

Buy Premium Content from DiamondLinks.net. Contact us for a full list of current publications, inventory changes on a weekly basis.

About Us

We Succeed When You Succeed!

DiamondLinks.net is a complete link building service and online reputation management firm. Our focus is results. If you results aren’t moving in the search results, we’re not doing our job!

Company owner Brandon Hopkins is a 15+ year veteran of the SEO and ORM industry. With many years of experience comes time-tested ranking results stretching back many years. With this history of success Hopkins guides DiamondLinks.net and is always pushing the envelope of testing and cutting edge SEO strategies.

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Global Reach

We have worked with clients in over 27 English speaking countries and 3 Spanish speaking Latin American countries.

Seasoned Experts

Founder Brandon Hopkins is well known for his SEO and reputation management insights and is a frequent contributor at major SEO websites.

Results Focused

Our goal is results. Anything less than results is unacceptable and we are always working towards results.

Client Focused

We’re with you every step of the way with monthly progress reports, constant communication, and excellent customer service. Call now to talk to an expert, 512-415-2233.

What Makes DiamondLinks Different


Unlike other agencies, DiamondLinks doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach to reputation management. We’ve spent our own time and money developing an in-depth set of unique strategies and a network of influencers ready to distribute content where it will be the most effective. Having all these tools at our disposal allows us to customize our approach for each client and ensure industry leading results.

DiamondLinks doesn’t force clients to sign restrictive contracts or agree to hidden terms and conditions. We believe our methods speak for themselves, and we work to earn our clients’ business each day through our innovative results driven approach.

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DiamondLinks.net is a complete link building service and online reputation management company.