Brandon Hopkins

Founder and President


“Link building doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. We’ve been refining our processes since 2004, we won’t be ‘hoping and guessing’ our link building will work, we’ve tested everything!”

Company owner Brandon Hopkins is a 15+ year veteran of the SEO and ORM industry. With many years of experience comes time-tested ranking results stretching back many years. With this history of success Hopkins guides and is always pushing the envelope of testing and cutting edge SEO strategies.

Hopkins is active on many SEO and ORM forums by the handle ‘BHopkins’. If you see him, say, “Hello!”

Emily C.

Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, Emily manages finance and operations, and creative strategy. As a strategist and search professional, Emily establishes standards and processes that allow the DiamondLinks team to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. She has over seven years of experience in developing and maintaining client relationships, and her result-oriented strategy is structured around client performance.

Before joining DiamondLinks in 2016, Emily worked in public relations for luxury fashion brands and as a technology and video game writer. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in Political Science.

Tyler Scott

Tyler S.

Marketing Project Manager

In 2014 Tyler graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University, Bakersfield. Since graduating Tyler has been a driving force behind successful Sales and Marketing teams on both coasts with one common theme: Helping clients turn problems into an opportunity.

Jennifer B.

Director of Outreach

Jennifer has been working in the SEO and virtual assistant industries since 2011. She is also an experienced website owner with 14+ years of graphic design experience. Jennifer is committed to helping you succeed in your business.

Victoria H.

Outreach Coordinator

Victoria has been helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with their content marketing strategies and branding since 2011. She loves helping clients come up with innovative new ways to meet their business goals and bring awareness to their brands.

Ashley T.

Outreach Coordinator

My job is to answer emails and to help get the content out to the world. I love my job because it enables me to work at home while helping our clients with their SEO needs. I have been a blogger for 10 years, so I know a lot about outreach to bloggers. I also have worked in Customer Service since I was 16. That type of work is important when answering emails. I am a graduate of the University Of Central Florida with 6 years of Sales & Marketing experience in various industries. I have also worked as a contractor link builder for a well-known ATL startup tech company.


We Succeed When You Succeed!

In 2004, Brandon Hopkins started testing and evaluating strategies for SEO and later reputation management. Since then, has built on the idea that in order to deliver results, everything needs to be tested. These testing procedures help understand whether or not a strategy is effective. To that end, everything we do is triple-tested to confirm ranking changes. When an effective strategy is found, we pour time and effort into maximizing the results from that strategy.

That’s why you can trust that we can get results, everything we do has been tested and proven!

What Clients Say

Brandon and team definitely know what they are doing. From SEO to reputation management they are a great asset and help to our growing list of companies.

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