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Premium Newspapers
Premium NewspapersChicago Tribune, NYTimes, LA Times, Miami Herald and many others.
DiamondLinks has negotiated special placement in the online versions of these print publications. Your name or brand can be seen on one of these or other premium publications.
  • Brand recognition – Clients recognize the value of these publications and they have worldwide recognition.
  • Pre-sell clients – Your prospects who read your article or see you mentioned in a publication are pre-sold on your abilities.
  • Increase trust – The average person assumes that newspapers are holistic and never advertise, quite the opposite is true!

Online Publications

Online Publications
Online PublicationsForbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Mashable, Wired and many others.
DiamondLinks has connections to many online publications. Whether you’re looking for the value of the link or a fully featured story about you or your company, we can help deliver!
  • Great metrics – Whether you care about Moz’s Domain Authority, Google’s (now defunct) Page Rank or some other metric, these domains certainly have it!
  • Unique links – It’s highly unlikely that your competitors have a link from Forbes, Inc., Mashable, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur, that puts you ahead of them!
  • Contextual relevance – We can often get a full article about you or your industry meaning the content on the page (and therefore your link) is completely relevant, which search engines love.
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How Premium Content and Guest Posting Helped Build

Everyone loves a good story, especially when it’s true! Years ago when I started I was offering cheap links for $77 per month. It was a subscription based approach but quickly grew out of control. We had too many clients and for $77 per month couldn’t devote time to each of them.

We quickly retired that business model and began looking for ways to actually help our customers. We identified a couple key areas.

I look at each client as a standalone situation, no two needs are the same. What can I identify about their site, business model, current backlink profile, and where can my years of experience help move their needle towards the goal?
Some clients have identified their own issues and need help fixing them. This is usually, “I need more links so I can rank for this keyword.” Other times clients say, “I used to rank for this keyword but now I’m on page 2.” I analyze the situation and we come up with a solution.
My unique skill set has come in handy for hundreds of clients over the last 10+ years. My connections and abilities to gain real links and help sites move up in the search results is unparalleled. I don’t say that to brag, but just to be frank. It’s all that I do and is my complete focus. I spend a significant amount of money testing each month to ensure our actions are purposeful and based on testing that can be replicated.

Taking that same approach to paid off almost immediately. I wrote and published a guest post over 5 years ago and that guest post still delivers about 15 unique visitors each month. My link is at the very bottom of the post which means 15 people are finding and reading that article. After reading it, they’re interested enough to click the link and find out more information.

That’s the basis of guest posting as well as premium content. When someone reads an article on Huffington Post about how I have had to fire clients before we even got started, they’re curious and click through to DiamondLinks.

These links and clicks from content are people who read the article and are interested. That’s the prospect being pre-sold. They’re read what you’ve given them and they’re interested in learning more about you or your business.

We’ve only talked about the person reading and clicking but there is also extreme value in the link itself. The link on a great site tells Google that site likes you enough to link to you. Compile enough of those links and you can rank for all of your keywords. In a nutshell, that’s what we do. We look for relevant and premium links so that you can rank.

That’s the exact strategy we use for our own sites. What we do for you is exactly what I do for DiamondLinks. Give me a call and I’ll give you some examples of the type of links I’ve built for my site as well as the type of links we’ll build for yours. is a complete link building service and online reputation management company.