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Who is Dave?


Real Client

Dave (name changed for privacy) was a real client. He had many negative websites that hurt his personal and professional life.

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Dave is a financial advisor who had a negative FINRA disclosure and had been sued by a former client.

Dave has had friends, colleagues, employees and employers ask him about the lawsuit.

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DiamondLinks identified areas of actionable items including a #1 ranking website, content placement, interview creation, scholarship promotion, regular strategy calls and more!

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Award Winning

DiamondLinks is regularly named one of the best reputation management companies in the world!

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Testing Methodology

DiamondLinks tests everything. Not a penny of budget is wasted, experience and competence prevails.

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Founder Brandon Hopkins has nearly 15 years of experience in Reputation Management and has served hundreds of companies.

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Business strategy

Every client is important. DiamondLinks is not a "one size fits all" company. You're important and will receive a customized plan

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Valuable Assets

DiamondLinks owns and operates many of its own assets. This provides a valuable resource to every customer!

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Size Matters

DiamondLinks serves individuals with online issues as well as Fortune 1000 companies.

About DiamondLinks

DiamondLinks has over 25 years of combined Reputation Management experience!

Narin Charan

Narin C.

Capital Alliance CEO

Having a positive online reputation is vital to any business. Without the online reputation management experience DiamondLinks possesses, there's no telling where we would be as a company today.

Rusty Tweed

Rusty T.

Registered Investment Advisor

DiamondLinks was a lifesaver. Finance can be a messy industry, and I feel confident continuing in it by having DiamondLinks manage my online reputation.