2013 UPDATE: DiamondLinks’ blog network is currently over 3,800 unique domains! Buying blog posts is more effective than ever!

Our private blog network is always growing! If you’re ready to buy blog posts on hundreds of different domains, we can help!

The DiamondLinks’ Private Blog Network is fundamentally different for many different reasons.

1. We don’t use duplicate content. All content is checked through Copyscape Premium to verify the uniqueness.

2. Every post is written by a different person. When you buy 50 blog posts, you’ll get 50 different points of view.

3. All posts go to the homepage. Many networks archive posts off the homepage immediately. Our networks functions like a real blog. You post will be archived only when there are new posts.

4. None of the sites are connected. No link exchanging to boost indexing with our network.

5. Each site is owned by a different person. This ensures different hosting, nameservers, registrant information, IP addresses, etc.!

6. Full reporting. We offer a full report showing the URL of each blog post we make.

7. There are over 3,000 different sites in our network. Every day we’re working to add more sites to the network to increase diversity even further.

We have spent 3 years perfecting our network of blogs. In our testing we were able to post articles to all blogs and were able to see over 96% of the posts are indexed within 7 days. That’s how well indexed our blogs are!

Our blog posts are competitively priced. Please contact us for current pricing for our blog network.