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    Brandon Hopkins’ Presentation to Florida Alternative Investment Advisors

    DiamondLinks President, Brandon Hopkins, recently presented “What Drives Online Traffic and Leads in Direct Lending” to the Florida Alternative Investment Advisors (FLAIA). The full presentation can be found below and at the FLAIA website.

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  2. Video screenshot of DiamondLinks President Brandon Hopkins
    News Interviews DiamondLinks President Brandon Hopkins

    DiamondLinks President, Brandon Hopkins, was recently interviewed about SEO and online reputation management by’s Kevin Zhou.

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    Should I Buy Backlinks? [2019 Update!]

    A question that’s constantly being bandied about online revolves around backlinks and whether or not to buy them. Some folks vehemently oppose the practice, while others swear by it. There are different ways to buy backlinks, and that term can have many different meanings behind it.

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    Ultimate Guide to Blogger Outreach for SEO and ORM (9 Bonus Tricks!)

    What is Blogger Outreach? Blogger outreach is a trending buzzword that when done correctly can be an effective link building strategy. When done wrong, it can lead to a penalty. Take heed of these tips, strategies and warnings before starting a blogger outreach campaign.

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