Blogger Outreach and Product Reviews connects your company with real bloggers. These real bloggers have an existing audience and sphere of influence. Our blogger outreach program allows these bloggers to test your product and publish a real review on their website, social media and/or review site like As an example, one of our recent clients manufacturers multi-vitamins. We [...]

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Remove Mugshots from Google Images

One of the reputation management services that DiamondLinks provides is a mugshot removal service. You might need to remove your mugshot if you have been arrested in the last 10 years. There are a few sites online that harvest and post mugshots from city, county and state databases that display your arrest record, image, date, [...]

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Should I Buy Backlinks?

A question that's constantly being bandied about online revolves around backlinks and whether or not to buy them. Some folks vehemently oppose the practice, while others swear by it. There are different ways to buy backlinks, and that term can have many different meanings behind it. One thing that you should never do is pay [...]

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How to Build a “Diverse Link Profile” and Why It’s Important

What is a "Diverse Link Profile"? Diversity is cool! A Diverse Link Profile (DLP) means that you have links coming from a lot of different types of sites. This doesn't refer to different domains or different IP addresses, this simply means that you have some links coming from HTML pages, blog posts (and [...]

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