A question that’s constantly being bandied about online revolves around backlinks and whether or not to buy them. Some folks vehemently oppose the practice, while others swear by it. There are different ways to buy backlinks, and that term can have many different meanings behind it.

One thing that you should never do is pay another site to place a link to your own. Sites that offer those types of services simply pocket your money and slap up a link that does absolutely nothing to help your cause; in some cases, it can even hurt it. That’s especially true if you pay for backlinks on a link farm that is on Google’s radar. Instead of getting your site a higher ranking, it could backfire and make it slip even further into obscurity.

Buying Back links vs Building Back links

Is it ever smart to buy backlinks? It is if you hire a company like DiamondLinks to develop them for you. The key thing here is “develop”: DiamondLinks doesn’t slap backlinks up to websites and call it a day. Instead, they provide advanced link-building services that get results.

When you hire DiamondLinks, you aren’t paying for backlinks – you are paying them to perform manual link building that gets real results. These links are placed on sites that don’t farm out links to just anyone. In many cases, these sites already rank for their keywords. It’s a little like riding on someone’s coattails but with the help of a group of qualified experts.

The incoming links that you will get by hiring DiamondLinks are sure to produce results. If you’ve ever paid a site for a backlink before, you undoubtedly came away a little disillusioned. With DiamondLinks, you will come away with exceptional backlinks that will bolster your site’s ranking over the long haul. Buying backlinks, per se, isn’t ideal; hiring DiamondLinks definitely is.

Image courtesy of AMagill.