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We are white label reputation experts.

For over 10 years DiamondLinks has provided white label reputation management services to reputation management firms, public relations agencies, law firms, marketing agencies and website development firms.

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What is white label reputation management?

Reputation management companies are great at finding and developing clients. DiamondLinks provides any or all of the work you need done and will communicate with you alone. You can then give your client whatever details you deem necessary. Since we’re working directly with you, you’re able to present the work we’ve done as your own. We’re essentially sub-contractors working on a per-project basis. When you have work, we get it done!

All reporting and contact will go through you. This allows you to maintain the relationship with the client so that you can offer this client any future products or services.

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Why should I hire DiamondLinks instead of in-house SEO people?


Finding people to do SEO work is easy. Just search Google and you’ll find thousands of people ready to take your money. And take it they will! The difference between DiamondLinks and most SEO people is that we are experts in reputation management. When you send us a client name or business name, we can look through the results and find the negative listings and we can quickly identify positive listings that can be ranked above the negative. It’s likely that we’ve dealt with the same negatives you’ve dealt with including Rip Off Report, Yelp, FBI.gov, Justice.org, New York Times, Tripadvisor, Jail Base, Mugshots.com, The Dirty, newspapers, city and county governments, etc.

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In addition to the expertise we bring experience. We have successfully completed hundreds of reputation management campaigns. When you hire in-house employees, you’re likely to hire and fire a few before you find one you like. Is that one employee going to bring you more experience than a team of people who do this for a living? Will that employee know what the latest Google algorithm changes mean and how they will impact your current and future clientele? Has that employee spent 10+ years focused on reputation management results?

We spend countless hours debating, researching, testing, and studying search results looking for patterns and ways to win! Experience is great, but testing is extremely vital. If you don’t know what to expect with a certain page or set of results, you’re spending money on testing and hoping for the best. We’ve done the testing and know what to expect.

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Cost savings

With an in-house employee, you need to keep payroll taxes, buy computers, have office space, train new employees, buy software, test services, negotiate with vendors, etc. When you hire DiamondLinks, we send you an invoice and you don’t worry about anything else. We have all of our own servers, do our own testing (at our expense) and won’t use your office space or eat your lunch in the refrigerator.

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What happens when your business grows? Do you take on new employees? Move into a bigger office? These all create additional overhead that you have to pay! Bigger electrical bills, more computer costs, internet bandwidth, etc. What happens if you business slows down for a few months. Do you fire your SEO people? With DiamondLinks, all of that is taken care of. We can handle a single project or 100 projects a month. We have dedicated teams that can be scaled quickly and efficiently to meet your needs without increasing your overhead costs.


Buy Premium Content

Premium content can make or break a site. Do you want great links from sites you’ve heard of?
That’s what premium content can do for you and your brand!

Premium Newspapers

Chicago Tribune, NYTimes, LA Times, Miami Herald and many others.

DiamondLinks has negotiated special placement in the online versions of these print publications. Your name or brand can be seen on one of these or other premium publications.

  • Brand recognition – Clients recognize the value of these publications and they have worldwide recognition.
  • Pre-sell clients – Your prospects who read your article or see you mentioned in a publication are pre-sold on your abilities.
  • Increase trust – The average person assumes that newspapers are holistic and never advertise, quite the opposite is true!

Online Publications

Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Mashable, Wired and many others.

DiamondLinks has connections to many online publications. Whether you’re looking for the value of the link or a fully-featured story about you or your company, we can help deliver!

  • Great metrics – Whether you care about Moz’s Domain Authority, Ahrefs Domain Ranking or some other metric, these domains certainly have it!
  • Unique links – It’s highly unlikely that your competitors have a link from Forbes, Inc., Mashable, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur, that puts you ahead of them!
  • Contextual relevance – We can often get a full article about you or your industry meaning the content on the page (and therefore your link) is completely relevant, which search engines love.


Premium content and guest posting helped build DiamondLinks.

DiamondLinks has been built on the back of negotiating with high quality sites. We are constantly working with the best publishers in the world. We can’t always get a link on a specific site, but we can always get links on great sites!

  • We look at each client as a standalone situation, no two needs are the same. What can we identify about their site, business model, current backlink profile, and where can my years of experience help move their needle towards the goal?
  • Some clients have identified their own issues and need help fixing them. This is usually, “I need more links so I can rank for this keyword.” Other times clients say, “I used to rank for this keyword but now I’m on page 2.” We will analyze the situation and come up with a solution.
  • Our unique skill set has come in handy for hundreds of clients over the last 15+ years. Our connections and abilities to gain real links and help sites move up in the search results are unparalleled. We don’t say that to brag, but just to be frank. It’s all that we do and is our complete focus. We spend a significant amount of money testing each month to ensure our actions are purposeful and based on testing that can be replicated.

Taking that same approach to DiamondLinks.net paid off almost immediately. I wrote and published a guest post over 5 years ago and that guest post still delivers about 15 unique visitors each month. My link is at the very bottom of the post which means 15 people are finding and reading that article. After reading it, they’re interested enough to click the link and find out more information.

That’s the basis of guest posting as well as premium content. When someone reads my article on Huffington Post about how I have had to fire clients before we even got started, they’re curious and click through to DiamondLinks.

These links and clicks from content are people who read the article and are interested. That’s the prospect being pre-sold. They are reading what you give them and interested in learning more about you and your business.

We’ve only talked about the person reading and clicking but there is also extreme value in the link itself. The link on a great site tells Google that site likes you enough to link to you. Compile enough of those links and you can rank for all of your keywords. In a nutshell, that’s what we do. We look for relevant backlinks and premium links so that you can rank.

That’s the exact strategy we use for our own sites. What we do for you is exactly what I do for DiamondLinks. Give me a call and I’ll give you some examples of the type of links I’ve built for my site as well as the type of links we’ll build for yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

With respect to reputation management, to white label, means to have your reputation services outsourced to an agency who specializes in reputation management online. The results of the agency's efforts are then rebranded under your name. Most businesses white label several aspects of their end services, and some businesses white label 100% of their products and services - acting solely as a middle man.

Reputation management is a strategy based upon influencing the reputation of a business or individual across website, search engines and social media. There are many different practives that can be employed to effectively boost or supress someone's online reputation, and many of the techniques are quite advanced. To ensure an effect ORM campaign, one must create a thorough strategic plan to remove/supress negative remarks online and boost positive sentiment.

Some good strategies to boost your online reputation quickly are to increase the mentions of your brand in a positive light on highly powerful websites. You can earn this type of coverage by guest posting, crafting press releases, improving your Google My Business listing (GMB) and utilizing third party sites such as Trustpilot, Glassdoor, or Yelp - which have prominent search results.

In a word, yes! ORM is becoming more and more important everyday as consumers look to online reviews as their go-to source of recommendations before making a purchase online. If your reputation is poor, and your reviews are negative, your sales will suffer greatly. In the most recent study by Brightlocal.com, 87% of consumers stated they read online reviews for local businesses.

Set your sights higher.

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