What is a “Diverse Link Profile”?

Diversity is cool!

A Diverse Link Profile (DLP) means that you have links coming from a lot of different types of sites. This doesn’t refer to different domains or different IP addresses, this simply means that you have some links coming from HTML pages, blog posts (and blogrolls), forum signatures, php scripts, dofollow and nofollow, social bookmarking, web 2.0, etc.

Why do I want a Diverse Link Profile?

Having a DLP protects you from any algorithm changes that the search engines implement. Since 2004 I have never suffered negative rankings based on an algorithm update. Not a single time. Panda Update? MayDay Update? Nope, none of that matters to me, my link profile is diverse enough to sustain my sites. The biggest principle is that you don’t have a footprint to track. Without a footprint it’s impossible for search engines to devalue your links.

Why is a Diverse Link Profile important for SEO?

If you care about ranking number 1 for your keywords, the only way to get there (and stay there), is with diversity. 10 million forum profile links won’t keep you at #1 for long because a simple algorithm shift that changes the value of a link with no related content would wipe out all 10 million of your links. If only part of your links come from profiles, you would lose some links, but only a small part of them and you would probably keep ranking.

DiamondLinks focuses on building a diverse link profile for all of it’s clients.